Emergent and chronic amputation is the loss of a limb, hand or finger. Some hand and upper-extremity injuries can be severe enough to require amputation.

If your child has an amputation:

  • Call 911.
  • Apply pressure to control the bleeding.
  • If possible, collect the amputated part and put it in a plastic, sealable bag. Do not rinse or put in water.
  • Put the bag on top of (not in) ice.
  • Bring the amputation to the hospital.

In most cases, attempts at urgent reconstruction is made. Treatment for an acute amputation may include microsurgical replantation (reattachment using a surgical microscope). An artificial limb may help your child regain function if the amputation cannot be reattached. Management of amputations may include:

  • Further reconstructive surgery
  • Consultation with therapists and prosthetists