Sports Medicine Volumes

The Children’s Sports Medicine Program has expanded its scope of services throughout metro Atlanta—providing new programs, services and locations specifically for young athletes.

With the increase in popularity of sports among children and teens, there is an increase in sports-related injuries requiring treatment. The Sports Medicine Program created new programs and services based on the types of injuries our team treats at our outpatient physical therapy clinics.  

Why are Sports Medicine Program volumes important?
Caring for thousands of patients throughout Georgia, our team of physical therapists and certified athletic trainers has extensive experience with the factors and causes of sports-related and orthopaedic injuries. This specialized care helps ensure better recoveries for our patients, meaning young athletes are back in the game sooner.

How do we make sure we are providing high-quality care?

  • The Sports Medicine Program specializes in pediatric sports injuries and creates sports-specific rehabilitation programs for each injured athlete, using advanced equipment and performance aides.
  • Our programs and services are designed to identify and correct biomechanical abnormalities and training errors for a quick—yet safe—return to play. We also work with young athletes to provide a number of injury prevention and performance enhancement programs.
  • Patients have access to advanced technology such as motion analysis softwareisokinetic testing and concussion testing software.
  • The program provides certified athletic trainers at multiple metro high schools, as well as event coverage for club sports and other local and national organizations. Certified athletic trainers affiliated with the program provide timely communications to athletes, parents, coaches, school administrators and team doctors at all of the schools or club sports for which they provide coverage.
  • The Sports Medicine team leads educational seminars for coaches, trainers and school nurses, provide preparticipation sports physicals at area schools. We also offer educational in-services to doctor’s offices and other groups.