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This assessment consists of four parts.

  • Mission, Vision and Values
  • Infection Control
  • Safety Guidelines
  • Patient Awareness and Interaction

1. Mission, Vision and Values

1. The Children's Mission is: To make kids better today and healthier tomorrow.


Policies and Procedures

2. Which of the following benefits are provided to you as a Children's Healthcare of Atlanta volunteer?

Complimentary parking in designated parking decks
20 percent discount on most items in the hospital gift shops
Free flu shots
Meal vouchers for the hospital cafeteria
All of the above

3. Denim can be worn while volunteering at Children's.


4. Smoking is allowed at Children's.


Serving our Patients and Families

5. What is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) designed to do?

Protect private health information (PHI).
Provide stuffed animals to all patients.
Allow volunteers access to patients' personal information.
Protect volunteers from getting sick while volunteering in the hospital.

6. You have agreed to abide by the Confidentiality Agreement. Which of the following is not included in this agreement?

You agree not to reveal the name or identity of a patient.
You agree not to photograph a patient.
You agree not to stay in a patient's room while a procedure is being performed.
You agree not to get on eye-level and speak directly to a patient.

7. If you have trouble communicating with a patient or family due to language barriers, you should ask a staff member to help you contact an interpreter.


8. You should _________ rather than point patients and visitors to various areas in the hospital, as a way to show our customers how much we care.