Why Physician Wellness Matters at Children's

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Research shows that one in two physicians experience symptoms of burnout during his or her career. And, according to research among all other professions, physicians have the highest rate of depression. It’s probably no surprise to you that studies show physicians are less likely to make time or have access to proper nutrition.

In 2015, the Physician Wellness Advisory group was formed to advise on wellness programming to support the mental/spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing of physicians here at Children’s. The committee is chaired by Joe Williams, M.D., and he is joined by seven other colleagues including Anthony Cooley, M.D., Kurt Heiss, M.D., Lucky Jain, M.D., Andrew Reisner, M.D., Yasmin Tyler-Hill, M.D., Stephanie Walsh, M.D. and Mark Wulkan, M.D.

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About the Physician Wellness Program at Children’s

The Physician Wellness Advisory group works with the wellness team to ensure physicians have access to programs that support their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Examples include:

  • Second Victim awareness training
  • Education sessions on wellness through Grand Rounds, Division meetings and more
  • Power snacks in physician lounges
  • Annual Physician Steps Challenge
  • 5K training program
  • 30-Day fitness challenge
  • Assessments and scholarly articles
  • Annual Doctors’ Wellness Day
  • Resources for energy management and recovery breaks