Why Choose Us for Physical Therapy?

Young athletes' bones and muscles are still developing, so they need care from pediatric specialists. Our Sports Medicine Program physical therapists know that athletic demands are more complex than the physical demands of everyday life. Our team is trained to identify how an injury could limit an athlete’s ability to participate in sports. We work to address these issues so kids and teens are able to return to sports as quickly and as safely as possible after an injury. Our physical therapists also specialize in the proper mechanics of sport-specific movements, helping athletes pinpoint how incorrect mechanics may lead or contribute to injury. This expertise can help us prevent injuries from recurring and keep athletes in the game.

Sports We Specialize In

Our team understands the sports your athlete plays

Our Unique Approach

The sports physical therapists at Children's are licensed healthcare specialists whose goal is to help young athletes decrease pain and restore or improve movement. Following an evaluation, our team develops a plan of care for each patient that includes techniques to manage and reduce pain, improve function for everyday activity and return young athletes to their sport.

Children’s physical therapists are experts in treating young athletes. Because we only work with kids, we recognize when they are ready to progress to the next level of treatment and know how to motivate them.

Many of our physical therapists have advanced certifications.

  • Orthopaedic Certified Specialist (O.C.S.): These physical therapists have advanced certification through the American Physical Therapy Association and have demonstrated specialized knowledge, skill and experience in orthopaedic care.
  • Strength and Conditioning Specialists (C.S.C.S.): These physical therapists are certified in the development and implementation of strength and conditioning programs for specific sports.
  • Sports Certified Specialist (S.C.S.): These physical therapists have advanced certification through the American Physical Therapy Association and are considered experts in athletic injury management, including acute care, treatment and rehabilitation, prevention and education.

We use special equipment and technology—like Dartfish video motion analysis—to find and correct sports techniques that may contribute to injuries or affect performance. All of our physical therapy clinics feature sport-specific resources like ballet barres, dance floors and mirrors, gymnastics mats, throwing nets, treadmills and more. We manage more than 47,000 patient visits each year, giving our therapists the experience needed to handle a wide array of athletes, from adolescent swimmers to high school football players.

Our physical therapists treat athletes at 14 convenient locations throughout metro Atlanta. If you think your child needs sports physical therapy, contact your pediatrician for a referral.

Call 404-785-KIDS (5437) for more information.


All Sports Medicine physical therapy locations are departments of Children's at Scottish Rite hospital.