Government Affairs

Atlanta Capitol

Many aspects of healthcare are regulated by government policy, and there are opportunities for policies to affect the way a healthcare entity operates. 

Because Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is one of the largest pediatric healthcare systems in the nation—and the largest provider of Medicaid services in Georgia—we must remain focused on public policy issues at the federal and state levels.

The government controls how many rooms and beds Children’s has, certain qualifications staff must meet and, in large part, how Children's is paid for its services. Our Government Affairs department works with state and federal officials to find legislative solutions for the issues affecting Children’s and to advance effective health policies for Georgia’s children. In addition, public policy plays an integral role in the daily operations at Children’s. 

Each year, the Georgia General Assembly meets to review and pass legislation, and the Children’s Government Affairs team closely monitors legislation concerning child health and healthcare. Our Government Affairs team writes bills and speaks before the General Assembly to represent the needs of patients at Children's and children statewide. 

At the federal level, the department works with members of the Georgia congressional delegation as well as other key congressional members to advocate for programs and supporting the drafting of legislation that positively impacts the health of Georgia’s children. Additionally, the department manages the relationships with all the federal agencies to influence federal policy.


Government Affairs Leadership 

Ron Frieson
President of Foundation
and External Affairs               
Office: 404-785-7408

David Tatum
Chief Public
Policy Officer             
Office: 404-785-7556

Federal Government Affairs Team

Jamila Pope
Government Affairs Director
Office: 404-785-7745

Allison Murphy
Government Affairs Manager
Office: 404-785-7869

State Government Affairs Team

Jason Broce
Government Affairs Manager             
Office: 404-785-6575

Cait Haygood
Government Affairs
Office: 404-785-8332
Kash Trivedi
Government Affairs
Office: 404-785-0851