Community Physician Advisory Council (CPAC)

The Community Physician Advisory Council is led by James D. Fortenberry, M.D., F.C.C.M., Pediatrician-in-Chief, and serves as the primary community pediatrician advisory body to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Representatives from five regions of the Atlanta metropolitan area serve on the body in three-year terms, and provide input on strategic and programmatic planning at Children’s that impact community pediatricians.

Members include:


  • Kevin Colton, M.D.
  • Randy Barfield, M.D.
  • Helena Bentley, M.D.

North Atlanta Metropolitan Area

  • Gerald Clark, M.D.  

East Atlanta Metropolitan Area

  • Josephine Dunagan, M.D.
  • Jan Fitzgerald-Soapes, M.D.

South Atlanta Metropolitan Area

  • Nicki Chin, M.D.
  • Sally Goza, M.D.

West Atlanta Metropolitan Area

  • Rick Payne, M.D.

Forsyth County

  • Karen Dewling, M.D. 
  • Mary Ann Fedack, M.D. 

The team also includes representation from the following: