What We Measure

Quality Care

Several things should be considered when choosing a hospital for your child, including how many patients the care team treats and how well they treat those patients. Below we share more about how and why we measure our performance. You will also find links to graphs of our results compared to national standards. Our results span the entire Children's system, which includes three hospitals and 27 neighborhood locations.

Numbers of Patients (Volumes)

A hospital's "volumes" are its number of patients. Hospitals with higher volumes are able to do more procedures, treat more patients and gain more experience about injuries and diseases. This makes a hospital better able to care for its patients.

Results (Outcomes)

Outcomes are the results of our clinical efforts. They reveal how effective we are at doing our jobs.

Sharing Information (Transparency)

Children’s believes in being open and honest, which is why we make our volumes and outcomes transparent, or visible, to everyone.


Check back to see additional results as they become available.