What You Should Know

Stop Childhood Obesity
  • Nearly 40% of Georgia’s kids are overweight or obese, which means nearly 1 million kids in our state are facing a medical crisis. Children's sees it on the front lines in our hospitals every day: Children who are overweight are now suffering from diseases once seen only in adults such as heart disease, hypertension, liver and kidney disease and type 2 diabetes.

  • The childhood obesity epidemic did not happen overnight—it’s more than 30 years in the making and Children’s is taking a bold step to start to reverse this disturbing trend. Our “Warning” campaign, similar to other public health campaigns, is designed to alert parents about the health crisis and get people talking about the issue. Our research shows kids want to be spoken to directly and overtly, and they don’t see this as bullying. Our intention with the campaign is to alert—not to offend.

  • No one loves kids more than Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The “Warning” part of the campaign and its “stop sugarcoating it” approach is just the beginning of addressing this issue. Once we get Atlanta's attention, we will reinforce Strong4Life, a movement that helps empower families to start with simple steps at home.

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