BMT Process

A blood and marrow transplant (BMT) is not a surgery; it is a treatment that takes place over weeks and months. A BMT is when healthy blood or bone marrow is transplanted to help to restore blood stem cells that were damaged, missing or are not working.

Types of BMT

Autologous transplant

An autologous transplant is when the patient is the donor. Blood or bone marrow is taken from your child and given back later during the transplant.

Allogeneic transplant

An allogeneic transplant is when the blood or bone marrow is taken from a donor and given to your child. This donor could be a sibling, parent or an anonymous matching donor. Finding a matching donor may take some time.

What kind of transplant will my child need?

The type of BMT your child needs depends on his condition and who will give your child the best blood or bone marrow to treat his illness. Your doctor will discuss all your options with you before making any decisions.