Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesiology

team of pediatric cardiac anesthesiologists at Children’s is responsible for guiding the intraoperative care of children with congenital heart disease when these children must undergo any of a multitude of cardiac, as well as noncardiac, surgical or diagnostic procedures.

Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesiology Services:

  • Evaluation of the child before the surgery
  • Talking with parents (and the child, if he is old enough) about what will happen on the day of surgery
  • Anesthetic management of children undergoing cardiac surgery—including administration of anesthetic drugs, management of cardiac drugs, and transfusion of blood and blood products 
  • Anesthetic care of children undergoing cardiac catheterizations, electrophysiology studies, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies, or computed tomography (CT) scans 
  • Anesthetic management of children with congenital heart defects undergoing noncardiac surgery—including advising on the appropriateness of operative timing and coordinating the postoperative care with the surgery, cardiology and intensive care services 
  • Consultation for postoperative pain control 
  • Consultation for respiratory support and critical care management

The pediatric cardiac anesthesiologists at Children's are from the Emory University School of Medicine. They have received specialized training in the anesthetic care of children with congenital heart defects, and are intimately involved with cardiac patients from the initial preoperative evaluation, through the operating room experience and into recovery.

Our anesthesiologists are also involved in academic activities that help further the specialty’s knowledge base and keep the program at Children’s in touch with other major pediatric cardiac centers across the country. These activities include ongoing clinical research projects, didactic lectures at national meetings and administrative roles in national anesthesiology organizations.