Concussion Prevention

Keep these Safety Tips in Mind for Your Child

Motor Vehicle Safety

  • Booster Seat SafetyBe sure everyone is buckled into the car using a child safety seat, booster seat or seat belt (if they meet the requirements for a safety seat according to the child's height, weight, and age).
  • Children should start using a booster seat when they outgrow their child safety seats (usually when they weigh about 40 pounds). They should continue to ride in a booster seat until the lap/shoulder belts in the car fit properly, typically when they are 4’9” tall.

Helmet Safety

For parentsWear a helmet when:

  • Riding a bike, motorcycle, snowmobile, scooter or all-terrain vehicle
  • Playing a contact sport, such as football, ice hockey or boxing
  • Using in-line skates or riding a skateboard
  • Batting and running bases in baseball or softball
  • Riding a horse
  • Skiing or snowboarding

Sport Safety

  • For coaches and schoolsWear the right protective equipment for the activity (helmets, padding, shin guards, and eye and mouth guards). 
  • Protective equipment should fit properly, be well maintained and be worn consistently and correctly.
  • Use good sportsmanship at all times.
  • Follow the coach’s rules.

Safety in Living and Playing Areas

  • Install window guards to keep young children from falling out of open windows.
  • Use safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs when young children are around.
  • Make sure the surface on your child's playground is made of shock-absorbing material, such as hardwood mulch or sand.

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