Advanced Technology Research

The goal of research proposed and performed by the ECMO Center is to improve the quality of care delivered to children requiring advanced technologies. These projects help to maintain Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at the forefront of pediatric medicine and raise the standard of care provided to children. These procedures target therapies that may:

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What is ECMO?

  • Reduce the need for ECMO
  • Improve mortality
  • Decrease morbidity
  • Reduce length of stay

Examples of such projects include high frequency ventilation, nitric oxide and liquid ventilation. Other procedures seek to improve the delivery of care to ECMO patients.

The ECMO Center also provides a valuable service to the manufacturing industry by evaluating new products before they are introduced to the medical community. Children's experience in various critical care technologies allows developers to obtain the expert opinion of our staff. Products that have been evaluated include:

  • Experimental artificial lungs
  • Prototype catheters
  • Pharmacologic interventions for bleeding