Diabetes Resources

At first, diabetes can seem like too much to handle. It affects so many parts of life—what and when to eat, for example. And when your child has diabetes, you have to learn about a lot of things, such as insulin shots and testing your blood and urine.

Learning to live with diabetes can be a challenge. When your child is first diagnosed, you may have questions, concerns and fears. But although diabetes is a serious, life-long condition, there are millions of people with diabetes who live happy, normal lives.


Patient Family Handbook

Diabetes Education


Treating Low Blood Sugar Video

Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Ketone Monitoring Video

How to Administer Insulin Video

Carbohydrate Counting Computer Based Training

Learn more about diabetes and counting carbohydrates with our Computer Based Training.

Online Resources

American Diabetes Association Georgia Chapter

Georgia Diabetes Coalition

Georgia Chapter Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (Check website for local events and support groups. Connect with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Outreach Coordinator at mbauer@jdrf.org or 770-395-5982.)

Click here to download the Diabetes Community Resource Guide.