Patient Stories

In partnership with CWK Network, Inc. (Connect With Kids), Children's shares some of the success stories of the patients who visit our Emergency departments every day. Produced by CWK Network, Inc., in association with Children's, the following videos allow you to meet our emergency physicians and experience first-hand why children need Children's.

A new Emergency department patient story is added often so we encourage you to bookmark this page and check back for updates and new topics.

Early Diabetes

Video and Story

Renee: Early Diabetes
“Sometimes we see children, by the time it’s picked up, by the time it’s figured out, they’re really, really sick.”

Lonnie King, M.D.




Video and Story

Isabella: Asthma
“It’s most likely a virus, because in this time of year, that’s the most likely reason for children to begin to wheeze.”

Cedric Miller, M.D.





Video and Story

Alison and Riley: MRSA
“The younger we are, the less immunity we have. When we’re first born we have no immunity whatsoever to viruses, bacteria or any other organism.”

Michael Ziegler, M.D.