Meet the Team

Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition Team

At Children’s, a team of many respected professionals collaborate to offer pediatric patients compassionate and leading-edge care. Team members are experts in their field and are dedicated to the unique needs of children. Our multispecialty team includes:


We work closely with private practice physicians to deliver care to patients. The following pediatric gastroenterologists are part of our Gastroenterology Program and are active members of our medical staff

Other Team Members

Pediatric psychologist
A psychologist is a medical professional that helps you and your child cope with feelings about his illness. Each family will meet with the pediatric psychologist for a psychological consultation. The psychologist offers assistance in multiple areas. Oftentimes, when a family is dealing with a chronic illness, the child can feel sad, frustrated or nervous about his condition. School issues may arise from missing school or dealing with peers. The psychologist will assess the child’s general mood, behavior and how he takes his medication in order to offer suggestions in these areas, if needed.

Dieticians will help the child with food and nutritional needs. The child and parent will have a one-on-one consult with a registered dietitian to discuss the child's nutritional health. Using the child's three-day food history, the dietitian will work with the family to identify areas for improvement and possible nutrient deficiencies. Together, a personalized Nutrition Action Plan will be developed to help the child reach his maximum growth potential, manage food-related symptoms and enhance the effectiveness of his drug therapies. 

Child life specialist
Child life specialists are specially trained in child development and how children and teenagers respond to and cope with illness. Child life specialists can help parents teach their child about illness, treatment and surgery; provide support for the child regarding procedures; help the child express feelings about his illness; and provide parents with ways to help their child cope.

Nurse coordinator
The nurse coordinator will schedule your child’s visit and will work to ensure the visit goes smoothly and is as productive as possible. The nurse coordinator will arrange the pre-visit questionnaires, pre-visit blood work and bone density test (if one is being ordered in advance). She will also review the child’s chart to determine if he qualifies for research studies being conducted by the child’s gastroenterology group. The nurse coordinator also serves as a resource after the child’s visit should the parents have any questions.

Research nurse
A specialized nurse who coordinates treatment and testing for children enrolled in research studies. The research nurse also collects information (or data) on children enrolled in studies.


Some physicians and affiliated healthcare professionals who perform services at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta are independent providers and are not our employees.