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Pediatric Craniofacial Disorders

Camp Courage The implications of a craniofacial disorder on a child’s life are far-reaching. They encompass basic health and functioning, family and social relationships, quality of life and adaptation in each stage of growth.

We evaluate and treat the full range of craniofacial conditions for children from birth to age 21. Our multidisciplinary team, including doctors, nurses, technicians and other medical professionals, care for children every day, using specialized pediatric medical procedures, advanced technologies, supplies and equipment. 

We offer a comprehensive program and provide a variety support services and resources for pediatric craniofacial patients and their families. 

Program Highlights

  • First in the nation to describe total calvarial reconstruction for late synostosis
  • First in the nation to perform the application of one-stage resorbable expanders
  • Pioneered the use of resorbable technology and served as a clinical test site for design and clinical trials of resorbable bone expanders
  • One of the busiest centers in the country treating hemangioma in infants
  • One of the first centers in the country to offer the nasal alveolar molding (NAM) device for the treatment of cleft lip and palate
  • One of the highest volume centers in the United States for inpatient admissions of children with cleft lip and palate*
  • Leaders in the fields of distraction for neonatal and infant airway management, treatment of hemangioma with candela laser and speech surgery
  • Developed a new resorbable system of plates and screws for distraction
  • Extensive experience in the use of bone substitutes
  • Unique feeding team that treats and assesses pediatric patients for speech, dysphagia, nutrition and lactation concerns
  • Offers unique learning experiences for professionals through symposia and custom in-services

*Pediatric Health Information System (PHIS), 2010; the PHIS hospitals are 43 of the largest and most advanced children's hospitals in America and constitute the most demanding standards of pediatric service in America. 

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