Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship Program


First-year fellows spend nearly the entire year dedicated to clinical activities. Second- and third-year fellows primarily spend their time in research (16 months clinical emphasis and 20 months research emphasis).

First Year

  • Clinical training (10 months)
    • Manage patients with a wide variety of kidney disorders
    • Assignments to the inpatient wards
    • Learn skills, such as renal biopsy and ordering dialysis.
    • Provide consultation to other services, including the pediatric, neonatal and cardiac intensive care units
    • Manage all acute dialysis modalities and a high volume of continuous renal replacement, predominately in the form of CVVH.
    • Learn advanced knowledge of fluid and electrolyte management

One month entails full time assignment to the Children’s at Egleston pediatric hemodialysis unit and adjacent dialysis clinics where fellows have in-depth training in principles, literature and application of dialysis as well as the opportunity for hands-on familiarity with hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis equipment and techniques.

  • Introduction to research (2 months)
    • Two months of the first year is dedicated to research orientation with an initial opportunity for project selection.
    • Fellows also participate in department-wide courses in research fundamentals, teaching to teach and medical ethics.

Second Year

  • Research
    • Consecutive research months in which fellows finalize the selection of research projects and mentors and initiate selected projects.
  • Clinical assignments (4 months)
    • One month will be a mixture of important experiences including a rotation with Dr. Charles O’Neill in the Emory Department of Medicine Division of Nephrology, learning ultrasound for the nephrologist. This course is virtually unique in the country and one that numerous practicing nephrologists have taken with excellent reviews.
    • Additional experiences include rotations with the Emory HLA lab; LifeLink, our local organ procurement organization; renal pathologists, and pediatric urologists.

Third Year

  • Completion of research project, abstract(s) and manuscript(s)
  • Completion of Quality Improvement project
  • Advanced clinical responsibilities in the inpatient wards (2 months)

Continuity Clinics

  • During the entire three-year training period, fellos attend assigned continuity outpatient clinics a half day per week under the supervision of the program director.