Resources for Parents, Patients and Families

Counseling, Consultation and Family Therapy

Our staff offers counseling to families and children who have experienced post traumatic effects from injury and/or chronic illness. This includes the adjustment to loss during the grieving process. A particular focus on coping strategies is provided in order to insure positive outcomes and healthy development. Play therapy as well as individual counseling is provided in the inpatient and outpatient settings.

In addition to the Children's Neurosciences program support, we offer family-centered care and support throughout our facilities—age appropriate play, toys and psychosocial support are available for the entire family.

Camps, Programs and Support Groups 

  • Cognitive Remediation - a program to help improve attention in children with neurlogical disorders.
  • Camp Sunshine - a camp for children with cancer
  • Camp Carpe Diem - an overnight camp for children and teens with epilepsy and seizure disorders
  • Camp Krazy legs - day and overnight camps for children and teens with spina bifida
  • Epilepsy Support Group - this support group provides information, education, resource sharing opportunities and emotional support for parents, caregivers and children diagnosed epilepsy. 
  • Adaptive Sports Program - this program is designed to help children and teens with disabilities find sports they enjoy and can play safely. Our rehabilitation team collaborates with our Sports Medicine and Orthotics and Prosthetics teams to provide access to and information about adaptive sports.

In the News

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Patient Stories

Meet Children's patients and learn about their inspiring stories of triumph and success. 

Additional Resources

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