For Parents, Patients and Families

For appointments with the Children's Pediatric Neurology Practice, see the information below in blue. 

  • Scheduling and Appointments

      New Patients

      There are two steps for making new appointments at the Children's Pediatric Neurology Practice

      1) We require either:

      a. A referral from your child's pediatrician containing your child's name, date of birth, condition and your phone number


      b. Your child's medical records from another neurologist.

      Ask your doctor to fax your information to 404-785-4750. Once we receive the referral and/or medical records, we will call you to schedule an appointment.

      2) New Patient Paperwork: We will ask you to fill out information about your child's health before their appointment. You may do this by downloading the documents below or you may fill out this information in our office the day of your appointment. If you choose to download the documents here, please remember to bring your completed paperwork to your appointment.  

      CP Intake Form

      Epilepsy and Seizure Intake Form

      General Intake Form

      Headache Intake Form

      Review of Systems

      Social History


      Existing Patients

      Call 404-785-4688 or complete our online form to make an appointment.

      Existing Patient Paperwork: We will ask you to fill out information about your child's health before their appointment. You may do this by downloading the document or you may fill out this information in our office the day of your appointment. If you choose to download the document, please remember to bring your completed paperwork to your appointment. 


      Appointment Length

      Since this is a specialty doctor's office, your appointment may last up to two hours.

  • What to Bring

      - New patient paperwork or existing patient paperwork

      - Driver's license

      - Insurance card

      - Your child's medicine or a list of your child's medicines with dosages

      - Records, such as urine protein results or blood pressure readings

      - Questions for the doctor or nurse

      - You may need cash for parking (allow an extra 15 minutes to park)

  • Appointment Policies

      - Late policy: If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, we may have to reschedule you.

      - No-show policy: If you miss your appointment, your child will be put back on the appointment request list. You may have to wait multiple weeks for an appointment.

      - Cancellation policy: Appointments canceled less than 24 hours in advance will be treated as no-shows.

  • Medicine

      - Call your pharmacy 1 to 2 weeks before your prescription runs out and ask them to fax a refill request to 404-785-4750. This will take 2 business days to process.

      - If your child's medicine dose is different from the dose on the bottle, call your pharmacist.

      - You can also submit an online medication refill request.

  • Insurance

      - It is important to let us know of any changes with your insurance. We will need your most up-to-date information to get approval for medications and/or procedures.

      - It is your responsibility to know what is covered by your insurance policy. We will try to get all necessary approvals from your insurance company before your child's procedure.


girl-laughingPatient Family Teaching Sheets

Camps & Programs for Patients

Children's offers summer camps for children and teens with epilepsy and spina bifida

When a child is diagnosed with an illness, it affects every member of his family. That’s why the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Neurosciences program offers support groups and educational resources for both parents and children who are dealing with a neurological condition. We are dedicated to providing family-centered care.

Additional Resources

Support Services at Children's
In addition to the Children's Neurosciences program support, we offer family-centered care and support throughout our facilities—age-appropriate play, toys and psychosocial support are available for the entire family. 

Epilepsy Support Group
This support group provides information, education, resource-sharing opportunities and emotional support for parents, caregivers and children diagnosed epilepsy. It is led by members of the Children’s Epilepsy Center clinical staff. Contact Jennifer Ganote, clinical coordinator, at 404-785-2186, for more information.

Adaptive Sports Program
Children’s Adaptive Sports Program is designed to help children and teens with disabilities find sports they enjoy and can play safely. Our rehabilitation team collaborates with our Sports Medicine and Orthotics and Prosthetics teams to provide access to and information about adaptive sports.

Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia
The Epilepsy Foundation leads the fight to stop seizures, find a cure and overcome challenges created by epilepsy.