Pediatric Neurosurgery Information

For Healthcare Providers

  • Make a Referral

      STEP 1

      Fax your referral for new patients to 404-785-2945.

      STEP 2

      Fax the following information to us at 404-785-2945.

      - Patient's clinical information pertaining to the referral (include the neurosurgical problem)

      - Head circumference chart (if child is 2 years or younger)

      - All radiology exam reports (if the child has had any scans pertaining to the referral)

      - Demographic face sheet

      - Copy of the patient’s insurance card and insurance referral, if applicable (Referrals are currently required for BCBS HMO/POS unless Open Access, Tricare Prime, Kaiser HMO or Humana HMO. If the patient has United Healthcare we will provide him with special instructions.)

      STEP 3

      Advise the family that once our physician reviews the clinical information we receive, we will call the child’s parent/guardian to schedule the appointment. This normally takes five to seven business days from the date we receive the information you fax us.

  • Schedule an Inservice

      Request an inservice appointment

      Our team wants to help your practice better understand pediatric neurosurgical conditions. Our doctors are available upon request to visit your practice.

  • Learn About Our Neurosurgery Fellowship

Contact Us

404-785-2930 (fax)

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  • You will speak with a person—not a machine.
  • An experienced neurosurgeon will be on call 24 hours a day.