Neurosciences Volumes

As of 2013, Children’s has the largest pediatric neurological and neurosurgical inpatient volumes in the country.*

What does this data mean?
We have nearly double the volumes compared to the national average. Volumes are how we count a complete visit by a patient—from the time he walks in the door to when he leaves. Children’s has the largest pediatric neurological and neurosurgical inpatient volumes in the country.*

Why do volumes matter?
Higher volumes mean more experience with patients who have all kinds of conditions—from the simple to the most complex cases. The team of specialists includes pediatric neurologists and epileptologists, neurosurgeons and neuropsychologists, as well a team of neuroradiologists, nurses and social workers who collaborate to deliver care to patients with neurological conditions.

How does Children’s help ensure we are providing high-quality care?

  • Our Neurosciences Program offers a multidisciplinary approach to help deliver innovative care.
  • Children’s employs five pediatric neurosurgeons.
  • The team includes pediatric epileptologists (doctors who specialize in seizure disorders).
  • All of our equipment is sized just for your child, whether he is a toddler or high school athlete.
  • We offer innovative therapies and specialty outpatient clinics.
  • Our program includes advanced technologies, such as the intra-operative magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI), dense array electroencephalogram (EEG), video EEG, and functional MRI.
  • We are committed to finding cures for our patients by leading and participating in clinical trials.
  • Child life specialists educate kids and families about what to expect during and after surgery.

Our care extends far beyond the bedside. Children’s provides fun and educational support services for families and kids, including support groups and camps like Camp Carpe Diem for children with seizure disorders.

*PHIS 2013 (a national database of 43 major children’s hospitals)

Some physicians and affiliated healthcare professionals who perform services at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta are independent providers and are not hospital employees.