Physician Publications & Presentations

David L. Marshall, M.D.

  • Shoulders
    Pediatric Grand Rounds at Scottish Rite hospital, April 2013
  • Early Specialization in Youth Sports: Are we pushing too hard?
    Children’s Sports Seminar, Scottish Rite hospital, February 2013
  • New Developments in the Recognition and Management of Concussions
    Pediatric Surgery Conference (PSC), Egleston hospital, August 2012
  • Concussions in Youth Football: Is it fact, fiction or myth?
    Sports Education Seminar, Scottish Rite hospital, July 2012
  • Managing the Pathway of Youth Sports Injuries: From the Field to Return to Play
    Ga Tech Hotel and Conference Center, April 2012
  • Concussion: Prevention, Evaluation, and Treatment Algorithm
    Children’s Pediatric Orthopaedic/Sports Medicine Seminar, Atlanta, October 2011

    The following presentations and panel discussions are from the First International Dana Seminar on Pediatric and Adolescent Sports Medicine, Tel Aviv, Israel, April 2011

    • Strength training in youth and developmental readiness for sports
    • Panel Discussion: Pre-participation evaluation
    • Overuse injuries in the young athlete
    • Injuries prevention in children’s sports activities
    • The management of concussion in sports
    • The role of conservative treatment and prevention program in sport related injuries of lower limb in the young athlete
    • Panel Discussion: Patellar instability in the skeletally immature patient – conservative and surgical approach to treatment
  • Concussions: More Like an Ankle Sprain Than You Think
    Kaiser Department of Pediatrics Meeting, Atlanta, GA, April 2011