Pediatric Hand and Upper Extremity Program

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The Children’s Hand and Upper Extremity Program offers a wide range of services for patients who need specialized medical and surgical care for congenital or trauma induced conditions of the hand and upper extremities. In addition, our team works with the Limb Deficiency Program to consult with expectant parents or families adopting a child with known limb differences.

We are the only facility in Atlanta that offers advanced “intelligent hand” technology and treatment for patients with full or partial limb deficiencies. This technology is an active, electronic prosthesis that lets patients grasp and move objects with fully articulating fingers.

After surgical and non-surgical intervention, our Hand and Upper Extremity Therapy Program can help patients reach the highest level of function possible. Our pediatric-trained therapists are experts who work closely with our team of doctors to ensure continuity of care throughout a patient’s experience.

Our pediatric-trained staff provides a comprehensive approach to care that combines the talents of a leading-edge team of pediatric surgeons, radiologists, nurses and therapists to achieve better outcomes for your child. Our primary goal is to provide quality care for each patient. We also feature a collaborative, child- and teen-friendly environment that covers both the physical and emotional aspects of treatment. In order to provide thorough care, we may team up with other specialties, including sports medicine, physiatry, and orthotics and prosthetics.

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Meet the Team

Led by Allan Peljovich, M.D., M.P.H., Medical Director, the program provides a unique level of care that may not be found at an adult-focused healthcare facility. Our pediatric-trained team of orthopaedic and plastic surgeons treat patients from birth to age 21. 


  • KateWhen a balance beam fall left Kate with an injury, the gymnast wasn’t sure she could return to the gym. 

    An X-ray helped Allan Peljovich, M.D., M.P.H., Medical Director of the Children’s Hand and Upper Extremity Program, confirm that Kate had broken her right elbow.

    Then, thanks to a dedicated spirit and intense physical therapy, she bounced back in time to qualify for the state meet. Way to go, Kate!