“Intelligent” hands

i-Limb Treatment

We are the only facility in Atlanta that offers advanced “intelligent hand” technology and treatment for patients with full or partial limb deficiencies. The “intelligent hand” technology is an active, electronic prosthesis that lets patients grasp and move objects with fully articulating fingers. As patients grow older, the ability and appearance of their hand becomes more important to them. This technology helps increase function and independence while giving the hand a more natural appearance. The treatment is ideal for patients in their teens through adulthood due to the hand sizes currently available. Using specially designed computer software, patients can program grip patterns and select other hand features for their “intelligent hand” prosthesis.

There are two types of treatments available, one for full hand deficiency and one for partial hand deficiency.

i-limb ultra

The i-limb ultra is a full prosthetic hand that includes five individually powered fingers. The thumb and wrist can be rotated manually for different grip options. The hand can be customized for a wide range of activities. Other features include:

  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Compatibility with other upper-limb devices
  • Power management for extended battery life
  • Digit-by-digit grip strength
  • Auto-grasp feature to prevent slippage of gripped objects

We also offer the i-limb ultra flex, which includes three manually selected wrist positions–flexion, extension or neutral. This provides a more comfortable feel when performing day-to-day activities.                              

i-limb digits

The i-limb digits is a customizable prosthesis for patients with missing fingers or partial hands. One to five missing fingers can be replaced. The electronic digits can move independently or work in coordination with remaining fingers. Since every person with missing fingers is unique, each prosthesis is custom made. Silicone interface materials allow patients to comfortably wear the unit without irritating or damaging the soft tissue of their hands.

 i limb treatment

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