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Video: How to Prepare For Your Spinal Fusion Surgery

How to Prepare For Your Spinal Fusion SurgeryView

Learn how to prepare for your spinal fusion surgery by watching this video. Be sure to read all the information provided by your care team and speak up if you have questions.


Meet Chonise

Now that she has gone through both bracing and spinal fusion surgery, this senior at the Atlanta Girls School wants other girls with scoliosis to know that they are not alone.

Meet Caroline

At 5 years old, Caroline was thrown from her mother’s car after it was hit by a drunk driver. She suffered severe brain trauma. She worked hard to recover from that, as well as a scoliosis diagnosis.

Meet Lauren

Lauren was only 6-years old when diagnosed with scoliosis.  Six years later, she had spinal fusion surgery at Children's.

Meet Breanna

Breanna had two aggressive curves in her spine; one that her mother said was between 50-60 degrees. Because of the severity of the curves, bracing was not an option. Breanna would need a surgical procedure to address her spinal deformity.