Meet Some of Our Courageous Patients


Meet Morgan

A competitive swimmer and soccer player, Morgan Fleming tore her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) during a soccer game in 2012.

Meet Leighton

Almost as soon as she could stand, Leighton Jordan was up on her toes. Her dream was to be a successful ballet dancer one day.

Meet Evan

A series of events that took place in early 2010 could have derailed Evan's basketball dreams forever.

Meet John

In October 2009, John suffered a concussion during football practice after receiving an especially hard hit.

Meet Landon

The first thing that hit the ground was my left knee,” Landon said. “I heard a pop.” Even though he did not feel pain, team trainers suspected something more serious.

Meet Rachel

When Rachel first hurt her ACL, the most important stabilizing ligament in the knee, she knew there would be a tough course ahead of her.

Meet Natalie Natalie Swords wouldn’t let pain slow her down. It was not long until it was apparent the therapy was working and she no longer needed to run wearing a brace.