Injury Prevention

Keeping Dancers Doing What They Love

Dancers feel most at home when they are in the studio or on the stage, so keeping them there is our top priority. The best way to keep dancers working on their craft is by preventing injuries before they happen. A few tips to prevent injuries in dancers include:

  • Cross-train regularly, like doing yoga or pilates. This can help a dancer maintain a strong, healthy body.
  • Don’t train more than 20 hours a week. This would put you at a higher risk of injury. You should focus on the quality of your training, not the quantity.
  • Eliminate other high-risk behaviors, like smoking or avoiding protein.

Our Pediatric Dance Medicine Program can help educate dancers about common injuries and ways to prevent them. Physicians and physical therapists treat the whole body, not just the site of any possible pain or discomfort. They also:

  • Understand the unique requirements for a dancer’s feet, ankles, hips and back.
  • Teach proper warm up and cool down exercises.
  • Teach balance, posture and strengthening exercises.
  • Create individually tailored exercise plans.