Summer Running Clinics for Student Athletes

Prepare for Cross Country Season

summer running clinicWe will be offering running clinics this summer at two of our sports medicine locations—Children’s at Duluth and Children’s at Sandy Plains.

These running clinics are a great way to see how you can improve performance and decrease your risk of injury as you get ready for cross country season.

Sessions will include:

  • An assessment of flexibility, strength and functional movement patterns to see what areas need improvement
  • Recommendations of exercises to improve running performance and decrease risk of injury
  • A video analysis of your running form to show you what you can improve


The first sessions will be Friday, June 20 at Sandy Plains and Friday, June 27 at Duluth.  There will be two time options at each clinic—a morning session from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and an afternoon session from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.


You will need to sign up in groups of four for a two-hour block of time. The clinic costs $200 per four-person group.

If you are interested in going to the clinic at Sandy Plains, contact Caroline Fabian.

If you are interested in going to the clinic at Duluth, contact Kari Tofte.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who would benefit from the running clinics?

      Middle school- and high school-age runners who are interested in distance running can benefit from the clinics. This is a great opportunity for people who are thinking about joining a cross country team for the first time, people who have had running-related injuries in the past or runners who want to learn ways to improve running efficiency and form. 

  • Why do we need to sign up in groups of four?

      To maximize the time we spend with you and minimize your cost, we need to see groups of four people at a time.

  • Do you do one-on-one running analyses?

      Yes, we offer the same services (flexibility and strength assessment, video analysis) in greater detail for individual one-hour sessions for $150 per person.

  • Can I sign up with another group if I don’t know anyone else who wants to come to the clinic?

      Yes, but it will depend on availability. If you are interested in coming but you don’t have a group of four, email us anyway. If we know of other runners who want to come at the same time, we can make a group for you.

      If you are interested in going to the clinic at Sandy Plains, contact Caroline Fabian.

      If you are interested in going to the clinic at Duluth, contact Kari Tofte.

  • When is the next session?

      We are offering the first sessions in June. Based on interest and availability, we will be offering more sessions throughout the summer. 

  • Can I come if I currently have an injury?

      These clinics are only intended for runners who are not currently injured.  By law, we are not able to treat anyone with a current injury unless they have an order from a physician. If you are injured, we would need to do a formal evaluation on you to help rehabilitate your injury with physical therapy. As a patient, we would be able to analyze your running form (when you are ready) as part of your regular treatment.

  • Can I come if I have been injured before?

      Absolutely. Most runners have been injured before, and that’s why we decided to have this clinic. We want to teach you about what may have contributed to your injury and what you need to do to avoid getting injured in the future.