Meet Our Courageous Patients

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  • Sports Medicine


Meet Kate

When a balance beam fall left Kate with an injury, the gymnast wasn’t sure she could return to the gym. Thanks to a dedicated spirit and intense physical therapy, she bounced back in time to qualify for the state meet.

Meet Levi

Levi was born without fingers on his left hand. His left thumb was underdeveloped and unstable. Surgery at Children's helped him increase function—even giving him the ability to pick up M&Ms.


Meet Abby After being diagnosed with hip dysplasia at age 6, Abby Ewing came to Children's for an operation on both hips.

Meet Brittany When severe hip pain threatened to sideline 15-year-old Brittany Watson’s fastpitch softball career, our pediatric hip specialists helped get her back in the game.

Meet Eli

When a limp and hip pain slowed him down in the summer of 2011, Eli’s parents thought it was probably a minor injury from being an active kid. But an X-ray revealed that he had Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease, a condition that affects the top of the thigh bone. 

Meet Grace T. During what was supposed to be a much-needed break, Grace Taylor suffered an injury that made a hard time even harder.

Meet the Murphy Sisters

Annaliese and Isla Murphy both showed early signs of developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). 

Meet Ryan Terrible pain, a loss of flexibility and a grinding feeling in the hips kept Ryan Stuart from playing to his potential. The Children's Hip Program helped get Ryan back on the field.

Meet Nour Nour was born with bilateral proximal femoral focal deficiency (PFFD), a birth defect that affects the growth of the hips and legs. After rotationplasty at age 6, and intensive physical therapy, Nour is now more confident than ever.

Meet Declan

A few years ago, Declan Farmer knew little about hockey and even less about sled hockey. But, with time and practice, this double amputee is on his way to Sochi, Russia as part of the 2014 Paralympic sled hockey team.

Meet Karah

After a hand injury and multiple surgeries, Karah eventually sought treatment at Children's. Our orthopaedics and rehabilitation programs teamed up to help her develop strength and function.

Meet Samantha

Whether she is demonstrating the best back bend in gymnastics or competing with her four siblings, this 9-year-old doesn’t back down from a challenge. She was born without most of her left leg, starting at the middle of her thigh.

Meet Mei In his three short years, Mei Deavers has adapted to more than most adults have.

Meet Anaiah From saving her sister's life to receiving an Extreme Home Makeover, Anaiah's story has a happy ending.

Meet Anne

On April 7, 2006, Anne was a passenger in a horrific automobile accident.

Meet Maia

Nine-year-old Maia loved dancing, but when she was diagnosed with bone cancer in her left leg, she wondered how many more leaps and twirls she would be able to make.

Meet Junior Most people have to adjust their clothes when they lose weight. Junior Jackson had to adjust his legs.

Meet Chonise

Now that she has gone through both bracing and spinal fusion surgery, this senior at the Atlanta Girls School wants other girls with scoliosis to know that they are not alone.

Meet Caroline

At 5 years old, Caroline was thrown from her mother’s car after it was hit by a drunk driver. She suffered severe brain trauma. She worked hard to recover from that, as well as a scoliosis diagnosis.

Meet Lauren

Lauren was only 6-years old when diagnosed with scoliosis.  Six years later, she had spinal fusion surgery at Children's.

Meet Breanna

Breanna had two aggressive curves in her spine; one that her mother said was between 50-60 degrees. Because of the severity of the curves, bracing was not an option. Breanna would need a surgical procedure to address her spinal deformity.


Meet Morgan

A competitive swimmer and soccer player, Morgan Fleming tore her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) during a soccer game in 2012.

Meet Leighton

Almost as soon as she could stand, Leighton Jordan was up on her toes. Her dream was to be a successful ballet dancer one day.

Meet Evan

A series of events that took place in early 2010 could have derailed Evan's basketball dreams forever.

Meet John

In October 2009, John suffered a concussion during football practice after receiving an especially hard hit.

Meet Landon

The first thing that hit the ground was my left knee,” Landon said. “I heard a pop.” Even though he did not feel pain, team trainers suspected something more serious.

Meet Rachel

When Rachel first hurt her ACL, the most important stabilizing ligament in the knee, she knew there would be a tough course ahead of her.

Meet Natalie Natalie Swords wouldn’t let pain slow her down. It was not long until it was apparent the therapy was working and she no longer needed to run wearing a brace.