Center for Pain Relief

Pediatric Pain Management and Anxiety Relief

We know kids and teens are not just small adults—they have special needs. Every child has the right to have their pain treated by a team that treats children every day.

The Center for Pain Relief at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta offers pediatric pain therapy for both inpatient and outpatient care. While children are in our hospitals, our team provides expertise for difficult pain management issues after surgery. In the outpatient setting, we get to know your family in our pain clinic, which meets one day a week at both our Scottish Rite and Egleston hospital campuses. 

Our team is led by pediatric anesthesiologists (doctors who help your child control pain with medicine). We also have a psychologist who can help your child emotionally. The team is trained to help lower your child's anxiety, which we hope will lower his pain.


Our approach to pain managementOur Approach to Pain Management

We use therapy, relaxation and distraction to help relieve your child’s pain without using too many painkillers, which can have side effects. We offer in-hospital visits and outpatient clinics for several childhood conditions, such as: 

  • Chronic headaches—pain coming from the head, such as migraine headaches
  • Complex regional pain syndrome—pain coming from an injury or surgery that affects another part of the body
  • Functional abdominal pain—pain coming from the inside of the body
  • Inflammation pain—pain coming from the swelling of joints or tissues, such as arthritis
  • Musculoskeletal pain—pain coming from when the body moves

Our Expert Partners 

We are consulted by a wide variety of specialists to deliver care to our patients.