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Video: Breathing Techniques

Breathing TechniquesView

Pursed lip breathing, huff cough and incentive spirometry are all interventions to help increase breathing capacity and improve breathing techniques. They can help children learn to better control their breathing.


Video: Immunotherapy


Immunotherapy, also known as allergy shots, is a method of changing the immune system to decrease symptoms related to allergies. By injecting small amounts of allergens over time, immunotherapy changes the immune system, helping the body increase tolerance to these allergens.


Using an Inhaler With a Spacer or a Spacer Mask (2 Related Videos)

Using an Inhaler With a SpacerView Using an Inhaler With a Spacer MaskView

An inhaler is the most common way to take asthma medicine. In order to get the medicine all the way to the lungs, you need to use a spacer. If you don’t use a spacer, only about a third of the medicine gets to the lungs.


Tip Sheets

These print-friendly tips will give you the basics on tiggers, care, prevention and more.