Receiving Results

Option 1: Faxing

A report can be automatically faxed to a specific number after the report is authenticated by the radiologist. If the result was not received, call the Children’s Radiology department at 404-785-2162 or 404-785-0122 to obtain a faxed result.
The staff will need the following information:
– Patient’s name
– Test
– Date of service
– Name of physician
– Fax number

Option 2: accessCHOA

A report can be accessed via the Internet through accessCHOA. accessCHOA provides tools to manage access to patient information and receive customized notifications on patient events including admissions, discharges, and lab and imaging results.

Image Access

Option 1: Picture Archival and Communications System (PACSLink)

The Children’s Radiology department uses PACS to store and retrieve images. Using PACS, images can be simultaneously shared with multiple medical staffs. Physicians can access PACS images via remote access.  Remote access allows physicians to view PACS images from their office through the Internet. Contact the Children’s Solution Center to obtain EPIC access at 404-785-6767.

Option 2: Picture Archival and Communication System (PACSWeb)

PACS images can also be accessed by launching PACSWeb directly through an Internet Explorer browser.  Accessing PACSWeb also provides a method for accessing the result.  Contact the Children’s Radiology department IS staff at 404-785-7456 to request remote access and training materials.