Max smiles when he walks through the doors at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for his routine radiology appointments. That’s because there are toys and games there for him to play with and the waiting room happens to have plenty of them.

Max has magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans at Children’s to assess his brain and kidneys and voiding cystourethrograms (VCUG) to assess his bladder. These exams are necessary to make sure the disorder Max has is not progressing. He has syringomyelia, a disorder in which a cyst forms within the spinal cord. Thankfully the images show it is not threatening, although eventually when Max gets older, he may need to have the cyst removed.

Laura, Max’s mom, smiles when she walks through the doors at Children’s too. She knows her son is cared for by an experienced staff—they have become her friends during the last two years. She is especially thankful that almost every time they visit, the same nurse starts the I.V. in Max’s arm to administer the sleeping medicine. Seeing the same friendly face calms Max’s nerves.

At Children’s, we know children aren’t just small adults—we give each child specialized support and care. And as Max, and any kid knows, when the waiting room has toys—visits to Children’s can be a “ball of fun.”