Fluoroscopy & X-ray Safety

There are many ways to ensure that your child is exposed to the smallest amount of radiation possible during routine X-ray and fluoroscopy. The Children’s Radiology Department has new digital X-ray equipment that has allowed a reduction of up to 50 percent in the amount of radiation used for obtaining routine X-ray images. Newer types of fluoroscopic equipment are designed to deliver the x-rays in short pulses (pulsed fluoroscopy) rather than in a continuous stream, which lowers the amount of radiation exposure.

Lead shields are used to protect the child’s body if the shields do not obscure the organs or bones that are being examined. Children’s radiology team protects your child during x-ray and fluoroscopy exams by using:

  • Pulsed fluoroscopy.
  • The most appropriate imaging techniques, matched to the size of the child.
  • Alternative imaging methods (such as ultrasound or MRI) when possible.
  • Lead shielding and beam limitation to restrict the area exposed to radiation.

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