Pediatric Rehabilitation Services

We offer pediatric rehabilitation services at two hospitals—Egleston and Scottish Rite—as well as several neighborhood locations throughout metro Atlanta. We work with patients with diverse conditions, including traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, neurological diseases and other childhood impairments that may be a result of accidents, illnesses, injuries, congenital defects, syndromes and other conditions.

Our pediatric rehabilitation programs offer a wide range of services to assist patients and their families throughout their recovery. Patients have access to:

  • Physiatry services
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech-language pathology
  • Audiology

Patients can begin rehabilitation services at any of the four phases of our continuum–acute, inpatientday rehab or outpatient. We involve the whole family in the rehabilitation process to help heal the physical and emotional needs of each child.

We also offer specialized services for teenagers and patients with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, heart defects and disorders, voice disorders and burns after acute care.

Meet Khalli and Thompson (2 Related Videos)

Meet Khalli CrookeView Thompson’s Journey with Spine SurgeryView

Learn more about Khalli, 10, and Thompson, 17, two of our Inpatient Rehabilitation Program patients. Khalli has overcome many obstacles since his premature birth at 26 weeks, and has since found passion in playing basketball. Through multiple spine surgeries and rehabilitation, avid baseball player Thompson was able to get back on the field.  

    Robotics Center

    Therapists at our Center for Advanced Technology and Robotic Rehabilitation will use the latest technology to help patients recover from injuries or disorders that have hindered their motor skills.

    This form of therapy can help patients, from birth to age 21, with a variety of conditions.


    Teens needing rehabilitation are confronted with a unique set of challenges. We encourage teens to work together to reach goals, lend support and become independent adults. Learn more about our services for teens.


Episodes of Care is a philosophy used by our therapists to develop individual treatment plans for patients. Along with the help of the family, we identify goals and intensity of rehabilitative care.