Acute Inpatient Therapy

Starting Recovery Off the Right Way

Patients admitted to one of our hospitals for an injury, illness or condition can receive acute inpatient therapy to start their recovery process. Hospital-based physicians will consult with our therapy team based on a patient’s needs. Our therapists will then reach out to the patient and his family to begin the rehabilitation process. We provide a multidisciplinary approach to:

  • Promote independence
  • Maximize function
  • Initiate the rehab continuum of care

We provide services to neonates, infants, children, adolescents, teens and their families. Our goal is to help ease the transition home or to one of our other programs after discharge.

Who benefits?

Acute Rehab

Pediatric patients with one or more of the following conditions or diagnoses would benefit from hospitalinpatient therapy:

  • Neurological changes, such as stroke, traumatic brain injury and seizure disorder
  • Artificial airway or ventilator
  • Tracheal laryngeal reconstructive surgery
  • Immobility due to medical complications
  • Trouble communicating
  • Multiple traumas–orthopaedic and neurological issues
  • Range of motion, positioning or splinting concerns
  • Born premature or with significant developmental delays

Post-operative needs

What types of therapies are available?

Other special services include cardiac rehab, hand and upper extremity therapy, wound care, and whirlpool management.


    Christopher AbramsThe Abrams experienced two late-term miscarriages. Then, at 20 weeks, they learned their new baby had the same condition as the first two. Thankfully, Christoper's story has a happy ending. Our acute rehab team helped him develop strength and proper feeding while in the Children’s NICU.