Inpatient Rehabilitation Program

Patients practice the art of cooking during a rehab session.Our Inpatient Rehabilitation Program addresses patients’ needs after a traumatic and life-changing injury or illness. With an interdisciplinary approach, patients recovering from a variety of issues–brain dysfunctions and injuries, spinal cord injuriescardiac complications and burns–can build skills and independence.

Physicians, nurses, therapists and other staff provide rehabilitation in an inpatient setting seven days a week. In addition, we offer:

Using everyday activities as the basis for therapy is more motivating for the patient, enabling them to work hard and reach their potential. Our rehabilitation philosophy is to help each child, teen and young adult regain and maintain functional independence.

Meet Evan and Thompson (2 Related Videos)

2015 December Comeback Athlete: Evan ButlerView Thompson’s Journey with Spine SurgeryView

Learn more about Evan, 14, and Thompson, 17, two of our Inpatient Rehabilitation Program patients. Scoliosis correction surgery revealed a mass near Evan's spinal cord that left him paralyzed from the waist down. After inpatient rehabilitation, Evan was cleared to get back on the ice. Through multiple spine surgeries and rehabilitation, avid baseball player Thompson was able to get back on the field. 


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The Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Patient Room
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Rehabilitation for Teens School Re-entry
Music Therapy Community Outings
Pet Therapy Center for Advanced Technology and Robotic Rehabilitation
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Our Inpatient Rehabilitation Program, located in our Scottish Rite hospital, is housed in one of the largest pediatric inpatient facilities in country. We offer comprehensive rehabilitation for children, teens and young adults after a life-changing injury or illness.


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When a patient has achieved their functional goals and is medically stable, we offer several options for continued care following discharge from inpatient rehabilitation. Many discharged patients continue receiving rehabilitative care in our Day Rehabilitation Program to encourage further functional gains and transition patients to prior activities.