Rehabilitation Patient Stories

Once diagnosed, children and their families have an entire team at their side to provide family-centered care and advanced treatment options. Meet some rehab patients who have received care at Children's. Their stories reflect our commitment to patient care and family support.



Meet Andrew

He had to put his athletic ambitions on hold when bone cancer left him paralyzed from the waist down. Now, radiation and rehabilitation at Children's are helping him get closer to his goal of walking again.

Meet Boomer

Boomer has a developmental birth defect and cerebral palsy. He was unable to use his left arm or walk without the help of a walker. See how this football fan met his goals... and so much more.

Meet Caitlyn

When a lingering disorder left her without a voice, Caitlyn had no choice but to live through whispers and text messages for nearly four months.

Meet Christopher

The Abrams experienced two late-term miscarriages. Then, at 20 weeks, they learned their new baby had the same condition as the first two. Thankfully, Christopher's story has a happy ending.

Meet Drew G.

Teenager Drew Gibson felt the tingling sensation of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) that he was treated for seven years earlier. Within hours, the athlete could not move his legs.

Meet Evan

A patient at Children's since he was 15 months old, Evan has made great strides in communicating thanks to the speech therapy sessions in the Outpatient Rehabilitation Program.

Meet Kaleb

Kaleb was born four weeks premature after his mom was in a car accident. He suffered from lack of oxygen and partial brain damage, but has been clearing hurdles ever since.

Meet Karah

After a hand injury and multiple surgeries, Karah eventually sought treatment at Children's. Our orthopaedics and rehabilitation programs teamed up to help her develop strength and function.

Meet Nia

Along with Nia’s physical therapy, music therapists incorporated her love of singing into her treatment. “Her spirit lives with music," said her mom. "Children’s woke up her spirit again.”

Meet Noah

When Noah was 2 weeks old, his mom noticed he was not using his left hand and was keeping it clenched in a fist. Her primary doctor told her for months that he was just right-hand dominant.

Meet Owen

This 4-year-old showed extreme determination after surviving a tragic car accident. Owen’s spine was severed in the impact, and our rehabilitation team helped him and his family learn how to cope.

Meet Renard

While Renard was driving to church, another driver sped through a stop light and almost ended his life. Now, as a junior at Morehouse, he thinks back on how that time affected him and his family.

Meet Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd got a headache during ballet and could not move her hands. Doctors diagnosed her with an inflammation of the spinal cord and she spend time in inpatient, day and outpatient rehabilitation.

Meet Seth and Drew A.

Two former patients from the Children’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Program, Drew Andrews and Seth Edwards, became stars for a day when they performed at The VOICE.

Meet Thompson

After severe pain led to a diagnosis of scoliosis and, eventually, a tumor on his spine, high school baseball had to be put on hold. Though surgeries and rehabilitation, he's now back on the field.

Meet Valerie

Valerie, a 15-year-old cross country and track and field runner, hasn't let cerebral palsy slow her down. But she has been through various forms of rehabilitation because of the condition.