Audiology Services

Support for Childhood Hearing Loss

audiologyAlthough the ear is a small part of the body, it can have a big impact on the life of a child. The inability to properly hear can negatively affect the development of a child’s communication, academic and social skills. We work with pediatric patients to identify hearing loss and deliver a wide range of rehabilitation services.

Our pediatric audiologists (hearing specialists) work with a variety of patients, from birth to 21 years old. Using current hearing technology and appropriate communication training, we can help deaf and hard-of-hearing patients develop listening and language skills.

Hearing Loss Program

Our audiologists collaborate with pediatric-trained otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat) surgeons to care for children with hearing loss. Learn more about the services, including cochlear implants, offered through our joint Hearing Loss Program.


We use a variety of methods tailored to pediatric patients to find the source of a child’s problem and treat it properly. We also routinely assess patients scheduled for speech-language evaluations to determine if hearing may be an underlying factor in a child’s speech and language difficulties. 

A child with auditory processing disorder has difficulty with how the brain processes, or hears, auditory information. This type of disorder may cause difficulties with listening, understanding speech and following directions. It is not a result of permanent hearing loss, attention difficulties or a developmental disorder. Children must be at least 7 years old for an auditory processing evaluation.



    Rehab locationsAudiology (hearing) services are offered at all of our outpatient rehabilitation locations, except Sandy Plains.

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    Whether your child is using the newest earbuds or an old pair of headphones, listening to a lot of music is one thing that can begin to cause damage to his ears if he is not careful. Continue reading on our blog.