Pediatric Telemedicine

Consultations, Evaluations and Training
Using Live Video Across Georgia
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The expertise of Children's pediatric specialists is now available to patients and healthcare providers through telemedicine. An easy-to-use service, telemedicine offers patients and providers remote consultations, evaluations and training using live video.

The telemedicine program:

  • Uses a high-speed telecommunications system, advanced technology and specialized medical cameras to connect patients and their caregivers to specialists.
  • Can improve diagnosis and treatment times with quicker access to specialists.
  • Helps families avoid long and costly commutes to Atlanta for specialist visits.


FOX 5 features the Children's Telemedicine Program and Dawn Simon, M.D.

Video: Cyber checkups connect patients with doctors miles away

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is offering cyber checkups as a way for some to see a doctor without making a road trip. 

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    • A clinical provider calls the Children's Telemedicine office at 404-785-1111 to obtain a telemedicine appointment for their patient.
    • The patient receives an appointment at a telemedicine location near them. An onsite healthcare provider facilitates the consultation with a Children's subspecialist.
    • At the conclusion of the telemedicine appointment, the Children's subspecialist completes consultation notes.
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Some physicians and affiliated healthcare professionals who perform services at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta are independent providers and are not our employees.