Frequently Asked Questions

Urgent Medical Care for Children

  • When can I bring my child to a Children's Urgent Care Center?

      We are open seven days a week, including holidays.

      - 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Friday

      - 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

      - 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Holidays

      Hours may be affected by unanticipated circumstances. Check back for real-time updates.

  • What is urgent care and when should I use it?

      Our Urgent Care Centers treat your child’s minor illnesses and injuries that may need immediate medical attention. When your child has a minor emergency or illness and his regular doctor is not available, especially on evenings and weekends, we are here for you.

      An average Urgent Care Center visit takes less time and is often less expensive than an Emergency Department visit.

  • How do Children's Urgent Care Centers partner with my family doctor?
      We know how important your relationship is with your child’s doctor. We also know that many minor illnesses and injuries happen when your doctor’s office is closed. That’s why, when your child visits our Urgent Care Center for medical care, we provide a report to your child's doctor so he may follow up on the care, if necessary. In addition, your child’s doctor may send you to one of our Urgent Care Centers for outpatient lab tests or X-rays, if needed.
  • What is different between Children’s Urgent Care Centers compared to other urgent care centers or retail clinics?

      Children are not small adults. Children and teens need specialized treatment, equipment and support. Unlike adult urgent care centers and retail clinics, our doctors and nurses are specially trained to treat your child or teen. Additionally, our Urgent Care Centers have:

      - A pediatrician on staff

      - Lab and X-ray services to quickly diagnose your child in one location

      - Coordinated care for fractures with access to pediatric orthopaedic specialists

      - Access to Children's, including 1,800 doctors training in 60 pediatric specialties

  • What can I expect when visiting Children's Urgent Care Centers?

      You and your child can expect to receive quality care at Children’s Urgent Care Centers.

      - First, you will register and sign a treatment consent form.

      - Next, a member of our staff will do an initial screen of your child.

      - Your child will then go to an exam room to see one of our care providers.

      - X-ray and lab services may be needed and are available at the centers.

      - After your child has been examined and diagnosed, he will be discharged.

      - The nurse will give you detailed instructions for care at home, as well as prescriptions if needed.

  • Who will we see when I bring my child to an Urgent Care Center?
      When you arrive at the center, your child will be seen by one of our doctors or nurse practitioners. They are specially trained to treat children of all ages. The doctors and staff look forward to working with you and your child's doctor to make sure your child gets the best medical care.
  • Does Children’s take my insurance for urgent care visits?
      Healthcare insurance coverage varies, depending on the type of medical plan benefits you have. Call your healthcare insurance provider to confirm that our doctors are covered under your plan and to find out if a referral is necessary to visit the Urgent Care Center.