Urgent Care Volumes and Outcomes

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Did You Know?

  • Patient visits
  • Turnaround time
  • Rating of care

In 2013, we had more than 130,000 visits from infants, kids and teens at our Urgent Care Centers. From stitches and colds to broken bones and insect stings, our team of pediatric doctors and nurses have seen it all.

Why do volumes matter?

We track the number of patients who come to our facilities for treatment. We call these patient visits our "volumes".

You want an experienced team to care for your child whether he is visiting Children’s with an injury or a serious condition. Our high volumes mean we have a team of pediatric doctors and nurses who understand how to treat the growing bodies of children. 

Why is demonstrating outcomes important?

Outcomes are the results of our clinical efforts. They reveal how effective we are at doing our jobs.

One outcome we track is turnaround time, which is the minutes from when a patient registers with us until he leaves. By comparing our averages, we can check the processes that help move patients through our doors.

We also collect feedback from patient family surveys and compare it to the national average. This helps us figure out how to improve, create new goals and keep an eye on our progress.