Urgent Care Volumes and Outcomes

Our Urgent Care Centers had more than 130,000 patient visits last year. That's more visits than there are students enrolled in the Cobb County school district.

What does this data mean?

We track the number of patients who come to our facilities for treatment. We call these patient visits our "volumes". In 2013, we had more than 130,000 visits.

Why do volumes matter?

Our volumes give us the experience to help manage pediatric illnesses and injuries.

Every month, thousands of patients come through our doors. Having large numbers of visits means our team knows how to treat a wide range of pediatric conditions, and we have special procedures in place so that we may get your child back to his normal activities as quickly as possible. 

And because we only treat children, we understand their unique needs. We also have access to the Children’s network, including 1,700 doctors trained in more than 60 pediatric specialties and programs. 

How does Children’s help ensure we are providing high-quality pediatric care?

Our Urgent Care Centers:

  • Are 100 percent dedicated to pediatric patients.
  • Focus on the patient experience and try to make it as painless as possible.
  • Help minimize pain before a patient goes into an exam room and end each visit with a popsicle.
  • Are staffed with board-certified pediatricians—not just nurse practitioners.
  • Are open when some pediatricians’ offices aren’t—including nights, weekends and holidays.
  • Have on-site lab and X-ray services to help quickly diagnose conditions.
  • Our on-site X-ray services use up to 50 percent less radiation than some adult facilities.
  • Can send prescriptions right to your pharmacy.
  • Track patient satisfaction to help our teams improve the experience at our facilities.
  • Have access to the Children's network of doctors and specialists.