Our Practice Model

Children’s follows a professional practice model called Relationship-Based Care (RBC). It involves three crucial relationships in a caring and healing environment: nurse to patient/family, nurse to colleague and nurse to self. It has 11 guiding principles:

  1. The nurse/patient-family relationship is the foundation of patient care.
  2. The nurse is the primary patient advocate and facilitates decisions, ensuring a comprehensive plan of care.
  3. Staff scheduling supports the continuity of relationships for care providers and patients.
  4. Patient assignments are patient centered and promote the continuum of care.
  5. Coordination of care is driven by the priorities of a patient’s unique needs.
  6. All healthcare team members clearly communicate roles and responsibilities.
  7. Healthcare team members communicate pertinent information and choose the appropriate venue to match the need or intent.
  8. Healthcare team members build a culture of mutual respect and trust that fosters teamwork across the system.
  9. Unit leaders cultivate a culture of caring relationships.
  10. Unit leadership inspires and influences performance and professional development.
  11. Unit leadership honors the relationship between patients and staff by optimizing resources and removing barriers.