About accessCHOA

Trained practices can now place orders within accessCHOA, allowing clinical users from community practices to place orders for lab, radiology, pulmonary, cardiac and neurology testing, in addition to rehabilitation and sports medicine. Practices also will be able to view the status of the appointment and results for their orders.

How It Works

  • A patient needs outpatient testing or rehab therapy, so the physician office places an order in accessCHOA and notes any instructions in the order.
  • The practice staff then checks accessCHOA for appointment status and patient scheduling information.
  • The patient is seen at Children's, and notifications of results and notes can be viewed in accessCHOA.

We also offer the ability to track your patients who are seen at Children's or those who have lab or radiology results. If your patient notes a specific practice or provider as the referring physician, your practice will receive notification of the patient visit or new lab or radiology results. AccessCHOA allows you to access billing, clinical or visit information about the patient.

It’s efficient
With accessCHOA, you have control over staying up-to-date about changes in your patients’ health status when they visit Children’s. You can track their conditions in real time and place outpatient orders without having to fax orders and requests for medical records or make follow-up phone calls.

It’s customizable
You can tailor preferences depending on the size of your practice, on-call coverage and who in your practice reviews patient activity.

It’s confidential
To have access to a patient’s record you must be:

  • Listed as the patient’s primary care physician
  • Listed as a referral for the patient
  • Associated with an admission for the patient
  • Listed as office staff for the primary care physician, referring physician, patient care team or treatment team

It’s free
There are no costs associated with this service.

It's online
Most Internet browsers support the accessCHOA web application, but your system needs to be able to run cookies and JavaScript. Review our technical specifications for specific details.

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