Social Work

At Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, our social workers are important members of your child’s healthcare team. They are here to help you and your family by assessing your needs and providing you with resources and support. A social worker can help:

  • Support you and your family as you learn to cope with your child’s illness or injury.
  • Give you support during times of grief and loss.
  • Address language and cultural concerns.
  • Plan patient care conferences between your family and the medical team.
  • Discuss any concerns about your child’s safety and protection.
  • Plan for your child’s discharge from the hospital.
  • Find resources to help pay for your child’s medicines.
  • Arrange transportation to and from the hospital.
  • Teach you about community agencies that provide ongoing services for financial, insurance, legal, mental health and other needs.
  • Provide information about Advance Directives, which allow patients 18 years and older to make valid, legal choices about their future medical care.

At Children’s, social work services are vital to providing effective healthcare that impacts all dimensions of wellness for the patient and family. Social workers use their skills in assessment and intervention to provide our families with counseling, education, and resources to enhance their coping and well-being with illness or injury.


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