MYchart: Make Life Easier

MYchartChildren's Healthcare of Atlanta is providing a new online tool to help you access your child's medical records and securely communicate with your healthcare team. The tool is called MYchart.

With MYchart, you can:

  • View your child's medical records, including medical history.
  • View and download immunization records.
  • Get notifications when most lab and radiology results are ready, and view them online.
  • Request prescription renewals.

Communicate With Your Child's Providers

  • Send and receive secure messages with your child's healthcare team.
  • Request appointments online.

MYchart Mobile

After you activate your MYchart account, be sure to download the MYchart app, available on iTunes and in the Android market.  

Video: Learn More About MYchart

MYchart: Make Life EasierView

See the ways Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's MYchart can help make your life easier.


  • Is my doctor using MYchart?

      Use our Find a Doctor search to find out if your child’s doctor is participating in MYchart. A physician’s MYchart status will appear as “yes”, “no”, or “coming soon.”

  • Will MYchart really save me time?

      Yes. With MYchart, you can:

      - Request appointments online.
      - Ask your healthcare team about common health issues or test results.
      - Request a prescription renewal online.

  • Can my child’s doctor contact me through MYchart?

      Go to the Find a Doctor search to find out if your child’s doctor is participating in MYchart. If the answer is “yes”, your doctor is able to contact you via secure message in MYchart. Your doctor might send a note to explain test results, recommend that you make a follow-up appointment, or provide information to you.

  • How do I sign up for MYchart?

      You need an access code to create an account. You can request an access code at your next visit to a participating doctor or by going online.

  • How do I request an access code online?
  • I have an access code. How do I activate the account?

      Activate your account online using this link. Follow the prompts to complete the activation process.

  • What is proxy access?

      Proxy accounts are available to the parents/guardians of patients. Proxy access includes full access to all information through age 18. Once the patient turns 18, proxy access is automatically removed and must be reinstated upon request and permission from the adult patient.

  • Can my teen have a MYchart account?

      Teens 13 and older can open their own MYchart account. Proxy accounts will still provide access to teen accounts, with the exception of certain medications, such as contraceptives.

  • I have more than one child whose record I would like to access. Will I need a separate activation code for each account?

      No. You will need to complete the full proxy access form for each child, but you will only receive one activation code. After you activate a proxy account using the activation code, you will be able to access each child's record in one MYchart account.

  • Why can't I activate my proxy account?
      If you are requesting proxy access to a patient account, the patient account must always be activated first. If you are still having trouble obtaining proxy access after the patient account has been activated, call 404-785-7844.
  • Whose date of birth should be entered in the date-of-birth field?

      If you are activating a proxy account, the proxy’s date of birth should be entered. If a teen patient is activating his own account, the teen patient’s date of birth should be entered.