Internal Transfer Application and Employee Referral Network

At Children’s, we’re dedicated to the retention, growth and professional development of our employees.

Internal Transfer Application

Our Internal Transfer process provides opportunities for employees to expand their careers and development within the organization. Please refer to policy 4.48* for more information. (*Policy can only be viewed on a computer within the Children's network.)

Employee Referral Network

 As a Children’s employee, you know first hand the type of person Children’s is looking to hire: someone who’s dedicated, reliable, compassionate and Strong Enough to Care Enough. You know the ins and outs of Children’s, so we’re counting on you to tap into your networks to refer new job candidates through the Employee Referral Network. Please refer to policy 4.01* for more information. (*Policy can only be viewed on a computer within the Children's network.)

In Career Connection, you can track your application or a referral’s as it moves through the hiring process, providing you with regular updates. You can access these status updates from work or home through:

  • My Job Page in your application account
  • Your Children’s e-mail account

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