Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • What schedules and shifts are offered?
      Most units at Children's work with 12-hour shifts. We have day, night and day-night rotating in the majority of the units.
  • What would my orientation look like?
      Children's offers a full week of hospital orientation for our new clinical employees. This includes a two-day New Employee Orientation and a 3-day Patient Care Provider Orientation. You will have unit-based training that is customized to your experience and learning style. On average, the orientation is 8-12 weeks. Not only will you work with the department educator, but you will be paired with a preceptor that will help you complete the necessary competencies.
  • Does Children's pay for continuing education?
      We value continuing education and offer a lot of opportunities on our campus. We also offer tuition assistance for both part-time and full-time employees.
  • How long does my application stay active in your system?

      Applications stay active for six months. We encourage you to check back from time-to-time as our hospital is growing—and we will continually update our postings with new positions! The positions listed online are updated to the minute and are taken down once a position is filled.

  • Do you offer relocation assistance?
      We do offer a complete relocation package, including the opportunity to work with a relocation coach. They will help facilitate your move from beginning to end.
  • If I am moving, how soon do I need to apply?

      If you are moving, it is important to apply three-to-four months before your move. If you are planning on being in the area, and able to interview, please contact the Human Resource team at 800-343-0266 to notify them of your visit. We would be happy to schedule interviews and/or tours.

  • If I am moving, how soon do I need to start the nursing license process?
      It is important to start working with the Georgia licensing board as soon as you know you are moving. From the time the board receives your paperwork, it generally takes anywhere from six-to-eight weeks for your license to be issued.

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